Our first SPARK*air video is online at Farms.com!!

Hello SPARK enthusiasts!

We invite you to view our very first SPARK*air video at Farms.com

SPARK*air reporter Johnny Roberts takes us to the asparagus fields of the Simcoe Research Station to talk to Prof. David Wolyn, where we learn how his Guelph Millennium asparagus hybrid is impacting the Ontario asparagus industry!

If you like what you see, keep in mind that the SPARK team is busy producing so many more of these informational videos, so check out Farms.com frequently for new interviews.

From the fun roadtrips to far-off research locations, to the excitement of meeting researchers who are leaders in their fields, to the creative process of editing film and audio, we’re enjoying every minute making these videos.   And you can tell.  Just look at Johnny’s ear-to-ear grin as he talks about antioxidants in this asparagus research video – it says it all!

We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve put together!  Click here to check out the Asparagus research video!


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