SPARK looks back

A new Research magazine arrives in two weeks, highlighting transdisciplinary research and commemorating SPARK’s 20th anniversary. Part of that recognition for SPARK will include a four-page spread with photos of past SPARK writers, and a time line that covers the entire two decades. While carrying out research for the spread we came across some classic photos, such as this one with former federal agriculture and agri-food minister Hon. Lyle Vanclief at an event at his department’s Ontario region office in Guelph, with SPARK writers Christine (Black) Dixon, left and Polly Stanley. The photo was taken by Martin Schwalbe.

Photo by Martin Schwalbe


One response to “SPARK looks back

  1. Wow. I went to college with Polly and was just poking around the web to see what became of her. Looks like she became a writer! Way to go Polly! Nice pic… But black and white makes it seem like longer ago than it was! Lol.

    Barry Price

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