New Research magazine videos released

SPARK has posted more research videos that supplement the winter 2010 Research magazine. SPARK*Air, the electronic communications branch of SPARK, has been hard at work trying to complete the remaining videos. The videos appear along side their respective stories in the online edition of the research magazine which can be found here.

Kris Inwood and Susan Nance are some of the notable researchers from the University of Guelph that are profiled. Inwood, Economics, who works alongside Luiza Antonie, Computer Science, and Andrew Ross, Historian, of the University of Alberta, are tracking individuals through time using genealogical data to provide insights into current social, economic and health issues. To find out more, read the article on page 37 here or watch the video here.

Susan Nance, History, conducts research involving circuses and their use of elephants as the main attraction over a hundred years ago. She spoke to today’s elephants experts in hopes of finding answers to questions of the past. Read the article about Nance’s research on page 44 here and see the video here.

More research videos can be found embedded into the online magazine and stay tuned for the release of more winter 2010 Research magazine videos.


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