ADVANCE Magazine Wows Critics, Wins Silver Award

Critics are heaping praise upon the SPARK-written Winter 2009/10 issue of ADVANCE Magazine, which has just recently earned a silver award from the Association for Communication Excellence’s Critique and Awards Program. This is no small feat, with over 234 other magazines and periodicals each vying for recognition in such a crowded field.

Just to bring you up to speed, ADVANCE is the official publication of the Advance Food and Materials Network of Canada. And it’s through SPARK’s accessible and aesthetically-pleasing articles that they are able to give Canadians the skinny on latest biology-based research innovations, healthier diet choices and natural-food alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

With this latest acclaim under its belt, SPARK wants to continue its award-winning ways into the summer. Three students from our intrepid group of research-communicators will be heading to Halifax May 26th, where they will be scoping out this year’s AFMNet conference for the scoops and stories that will become the latest issue of ADVANCE Magazine.

But until then, make sure to check out the link below to the issue of ADVANCE Magazine that’s won hearts and minds with its charm.

Stay tuned for more, dear readers!


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