SPARK covers elm micropropagation project between U of G and Gosling Foundation

Hello dear readers,

This afternoon, I bring you yet another interesting development from the research communications front!

Just yesterday, I met with Philip and Susan Gosling from the Gosling Foundation. They’re a Guelph-based organization founded in 1977 that’s dedicated to ecological protection, preservation and education. Now, they’ve teamed up with Guelph professors Praveen Saxena and Alan Sullivan from the Plant Cell Technology lab to stage a comeback for the American Elm – a tree that was all but completely wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease.

Together, they want to grow and mass-multiply new Dutch-elm disease resistant American elm trees by cloning and producing Dutch Elm Disease-resistant elms using a technique known as micropropagation. The project is just getting underway, but rest asssured, you can count on there being more updates as things progress. And of course, our dedicated SPARK writers will be the first ones on it!

As for this particular story – look for the full-length article to be published soon in the Guelph Mercury and on the University of Guelph’s website.

The groovy picture was taken by yours truly and features Mr. and Mrs. Gosling cradling a small case containing a tiny plantlet that grown by Saxena and Sullivan that may one day become an American elm.

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