SPARK Elm Micropropagation story picked up by Globe and Mail

Yes, dear readers, you heard it here first! What a fantastic way to cap off the week here at SPARK world headquarters.

Joey Sabljic saw his story on University of Guelph micropropagation research to save the American elm tree from extinction picked up by the Globe and Mail in this morning’s edition of the paper.

The story first appeared in the Wednesday, June 16th issue of the Guelph Mercury. However, now with national exposure, there’s really no telling where the story will end up and whom it may enlighten or influence.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without SPARK’s strong support network, promoting a strong connection between University administration, researchers, students and media outlets.

SPARK director Owen Roberts was understandably thrilled with the news, declaring it to be “a case study in student involvement in knowledge translation, transfer and media pickup.”

In the end, ground-breaking Guelph research was communicated, thoughtful eyebrows were raised and SPARK was left with yet another piece to add to its already-impressive oeuvre.

Of course, we here at SPARK owe a big thank you to Dierdre Healey and the Communications and Public Affairs folks here at the University for their tireless efforts in spreading SPARK seeds beyond our traditional circles.

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week – so stay tuned for more updates!


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