SPARK makes best showing to date at ACE conference awards.

Hello to our interweb supporters,

It’s about time we shared the news of what is likely SPARK’s best showing at any awards competition to date.

Now, we reported a short while ago on our winning of the silver award for the 2009-10 issue of Advance Magazine. But what did SPARK director Owen Roberts didn’t know upon heading to St. Louis for this year’s Association for Communication Excellence (ACE)  conference, was that there would be five more awards waiting for him!

In summary, SPARK scored:

-A Silver award for photography, for the “No-hassle nutrient vessel,”  story featuring Prof. Vern Osborne that appeared in our Spring 2009 issue of Research magazine. A big thanks to our ever-dependable photographer, Martin Schwalbe for this one!

-A Bronze award for writing for newspapers. This was awarded for past SPARK writer Paulo LaBerge’s  SPARKPlug entitled, “Super tomatoes boost nutritional value.”

-A Silver award for print advertisements from the yearbook ad for OMAFRA-sponsored water research.

-A Silver award for illustration. This was awarded for Brandon Denard’s outstanding illustration of Professor Khosrow’s Farahbakhsh’s Rainwater harvesting system that appeared in our Spring 2009 Research Magazine.

-A Bronze award for logo development. This was awarded to Gareth Lind for his work on our new SPARK logo.

-And of course, the Silver award for best magazine, Advance.

None of this acclaim would have been possible without SPARK’s incredible support network of partners, friends and supporters.

“We can all feel extra-proud of these accomplishments because they were directly a result of our teamwork approach to research communications,” said an overjoyed Owen.

Thank you once again for dropping by. We will be providing more updates from SPARK International Headquarters as they come. Check back soon!


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