New Video – Petunia Genetics with Daryl Somers

This week, we bring you our latest video creation featuring the latest research direct from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

*Disclaimer* We  should tell you right now that this is one of the most colourful videos produced by SPARK*air so far.  Fans of more subdued beige and taupe hues may be offended.

Two of our elite research communicators Carol Moore and Natalie Osborne traveled to Vineland and spoke to plant scientist Daryl Somers about his work on reducing the water requirements for ornamental plants- such as petunias-while still keeping the flowers looking fresh and appealing to consumers.

Somers’ research is especially crucial to ornamental plant producers, who face significant losses when  their plants perish at garden centres if they aren’t purchased immediately or watered regularly.

Somers is working with petunias and using DNA sequencing to find drought tolerant plants.  He plants to introduce these plants into breeding programs so that he can produce generation after generation of drought-tolerant flowers. Somers hopes these techniques will cut down on water use, labour and extend the plants’ shelf life.

But really, I should leave you to draw your own conclusions by checking out the video below:

Thank you for tuning in. We’ll be in touch soon, I swear!


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