SPARK New Video Double Whammy

Hello loyal followers,

I realize it’s been a while since we updated this blog… but that’s only because we’ve been churning out new videos and content like fiends.

In fact, to cap off this week, we’re giving you a SPARK*air video double whammy. So grab a beverage of your choosing, a high-fibre muffin and enjoy!

First up, we have our very own Johnny Roberts in our latest production. He spoke to Animal and Poultry Science Professor Trevor Smith about fusarium mycotoxins – a dangerous and potentially deadly fungus – making their way into chicken feed. They also cover what options farmers have at their disposal to protect their poultry.

Second up is a video SPARK*air shot when two representatives from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council visited campus last friday to recognize five Guelph professors who had been awarded Engage grants for their research.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll do our best to keep the updates a-coming!


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