Tuesday’s Guelph Mercury SPARK feature: Eastern Medicinal Plants

The SPARKification of the Guelph Mercury continues today with an article by Joey Sabljic, the second installment of our “Mind and Bodies” Research magazine series.

He spoke to Plant Agriculture professor Praveen Saxena to get the skinny on how he’s combining cloning, tissue culture and controlled-environment greenhouses to mass-produce medicinal plants renowned in different cultures and traditions around the world for their healing abilities.

Praveen Saxena poses with some of the medicinal plants he is cultivating.

Saxena says that if these plants became part of Canadians’ regular diets, they can offer people natural ways of fighting signs of aging, reducing stress, boosting immune systems and combating depression.

If you’re thirsting for more – and we really don’t see how you wouldn’t be – do yourselves a favour and mosey on over to the Guelph Mercury’s website to read the full-text version of the article.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment!


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