A dandy Wednesday in the Guelph Mercury with news of Guelph-based sexuality study

SPARK’s glorious residence on the Mercury’s front page continued in its typically engaging and informative form with it’s fourth installment in the Minds and Bodies series.  Research Communicator Joey Sabljic spoke with Profs. Andrea Buchholz, Robin Milhausen and Masters students Emily Opperman and Lindsay Benson about their new study,”Sex, Health and YOU!”, which studies the connection between physique and sexuality. Specifically, they’re looking at how various  body types – overweight, normal weight or otherwise – effect sexual functioning and performance.

If you’re interested in finding out just what the researchers discovered, I shall direct you over to the Guelph Mercury’s website, where you can read the full text article for yourselves.

I mean, really, giving away all of the article’s SPARKilicious innards right here and now would be rather tacky of me.

Be sure to check back tomorrow four our fourth minds and bodies installment!


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