Fifth and Sixth installments of Mind and Bodies

Happy Monday to you all, loyal SPARKfollowers!

I bring you tidings of our fifth and sixth installments of SPARK’s ongoing “Mind and Bodies” series in the Guelph Mercury. For the uninitiated, it’s kind of like our version of “Shark Week,” on the Discovery Channel. Only with 50 per cent less severed limbs.

Any way, this past edition’s edition of the Mercury featured an article cowritten by Alycia Moore and Joey Sabljic, which talks  about Food Science professor Doug Goff’s latest work.

He’s found that thickened dairy products – such as ice cream, puddings and milkshakes – make ideal carriers for dietary fibres made from flaxseed and soy. The best part? His fibre-fortified diary products are able to deliver the same fibre delicious taste while preventing chronic diseases such as Type-2 diabetes and colon cancer.

Prof. Doug Goff balancing an epic ice cream cone

Today’s paper features a story written by Rebecca Hannam, who spoke to Psychology professor Gloria Gonzalez-Morales.

Prof. Gloria Gonzalez Morales: Workplace stress not all bad?

Contrary to what most harried nine to fiver’s may think, Gonzalez-Morales says that workplace stress isn’t always a negative thing. While stressful situations at work can hinder one’s physical or emotional state, they can also function as challenges that can help one grow or learn in a positive way. Apparentley, a positive perception of stress that can lead to more engaged employees.

To read the more on each of these captivating stories, read the full text articles on the Guelph Mercury’s website by clicking here and here.

Come on back tomorrow for the latest installment!


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