Mind and Bodies installment number seven

The Mind & Bodies series continues today after a brief sojurn due to Monday night’s municipal election hoopla.

Today’s riveting installment was written by Joey Sabljic, who interviewed Food Science professor Lisa Duizer about how she and her research team are using a salt-tasting panel in an effort to find new, inventive ways of drastically reducing people’s daily sodium intake through processed foods.

Prof. Liza Duizer and students Derek Vella and Matt Rietberg pictured in a sensory lab

The trick, however, is to reduce salt in these foods while still giving people the same, satisfying salty taste they’ve come to crave. If you’re looking for the answer to this conundrum, I’ll be a good sport and direct your curious minds over to the Guelph Mercury website, where you can read the article in its entirety.

As well, I must give major props to SPARK writer Nicole Yada for providing us with a wicked-cool photo which, in my humble opinion, compliments this particular piece of SPARKulation wonderfully.

Tune in tomorrow for the next stop along Mind & Bodies path to enlightenment!


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