Fall OMAFRA-UofG Partnership Magazine Well Under Way

Our new headquarters have been buzzing!

The SPARK team has been busy wrapping up our latest OMAFRA Yearbook that showcases the economic side of groundbreaking research at the university.

This magazine is sure to impress with stories about baked goods, potatoes, car parts, high value chemicals from plant sugars and more!

The SPARK writers have gotten all their drafts to magazine coordinator, Joey Sabljic and are now fine tuning their photography skills in photo shoots with the researchers.

All the writers have also been hard at work on other projects for all our other publications.

Matt McIntosh is well known at the Guelph Mercury after having two articles published this week.

Here  is his article on University of Guelph Prof. Alison Duncan, Dr. Dan Ramdath, of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada  and master’s student Emily Padhi  study to determine the effects of soy muffins on people’s cholesterol levels.

And here is his article on University of Guelph history Prof. Kevin James who is studying 19th century Irish hotel guest books to find what kinds of accommodations were available, and what travelers thought of them.

We’ve given the Guelph Mercury a package of articles that will be published in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

Also, Samantha Beattie’s article on Profs. Paulette Padanyi and Vinay Kanetkar studies on how to increase local food use in Ontario’s heath care system has been published on the At Guelph homepage.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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