A Wonderful Week it Was

Hello faithful followers! Here at SPARK World HQ the writers have been producing all kinds of articles and videos.

Anthony Ngai ‘s first byline was published in The Milk Producer just last week. Our new little SPARKs are growing up in the world of journalism so fast. His article, which you can read here, is about anaerobic digesters that convert manure and other farm and food waste into usable energy. This is  helping producers move toward more sustainable production methods.  The researchers found that it works best on large scale dairy farms with more than 600 cows. Dairy cow feces produces the most energy if its being used in an anaerobic digester compared to other animal fecal matter.

Also, Samantha Beattie’s KTT video on Equine Guelph has been uploaded to YouTube. Equine Guelph has launched a YouTube channel after surveying more than 2000 people in the equine industry. The survey revealed what they would most like to see in these informational videos. This will make equine research more available to people of all ages, background and interests. See the video here.


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