Back with a Spark

It’s been awhile. But with the summer upon us, blog updates will become a more frequent occurrence.

This year was a busy one with SPARK writers in and out of the office and off to class. Notable publications include the “This Tobacco Yield Gold” OMAFRA Research Magazine written last summer and published in the fall. Check out this magazine focusing on the economic bottom line of research here.

This summer is going to be a busy one with the publication of our new University of Guelph Research Magazine, which highlights international research and collaboration. Anticipate stories about regions and people from all over the globe.

We are also brewing up our new Agrifood Yearbook, which highlights groundbreaking research funded by the partnership between the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and the Ministry of Rural Affairs.

With a new summer, SPARK has introduced some fresh faces who are eagerly penning their first articles. Let’s learn a little something about them:

Karen Ball Karen prop

Joining the SPARK team this summer is Karen Ball, a fourth-year Psychology student from Oakville, Ontario. Karen hopes to share her thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for research with the world. And with her passion for photography, she can’t wait to capture the exciting research happening on the U of G campuses. Karen is especially interested in photographing close-up shots of flowers, which provides a break from spending long hours pulling weeds in the garden where she spends most of her spare time.

Sarah HollywoodSarah prop

Embracing the field of Nanoscience (the study of materials at the atomic scale),  Bowmanville native Sarah Hollywood comes to SPARK fresh out of her first year at the U of G.  She’s looking forward to sharing her passion for science, as well as social media – the latter of which  evolved from being a budding Internet enthusiast  into being a two-year blogging veteran.  And now, Sarah will be among those updating the Facebook and Twitter feeds for SPARK.

Laura Montgomery Laura normal

Growing up in Blenheim, Ontario – renowned as the Cherry Pit-Spitting Capital of Canada — Laura Montgomery has always been surrounded by agriculture. After completing her undergraduate, she pursued a Master’s in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences, owing to her passion for exploring how various nutrients and new food products can impact health. Through HHNS SPARK , a skill-development course teaching students how to communicate human health and nutritional research using a journalistic approach, Laura learned how to keep the agriculture-food-health continuum in the public eye. Having enjoyed that experience, she hopes to further develop her skills as a full-time SPARK writer.

Isaac SaccoIsaac prop4

At SPARK, Isaac Sacco is cutting through scientific jargon and math, revealing the amazing discoveries that are being made at the University of Guelph. He’s a Marketing Management student who’s excited about working for SPARK and discovering what it’s like to focus on science rather than business. Originally hailing from St. Catharines, Isaac enjoys Googling intimidating scientific terms and informing the world of their meanings in a fun, professional manner. Outside of the news room, Isaac can be found at the local basketball courts or running in the forest, which he has aptly named ‘forest blasting’.


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