Publications aplenty

SPARK students are in the thick of it. Writing articles and producing videos that is. Rookie SPARK’s are finishing up their first articles and trying their hand at filming and video editing, while learning all about the journalistic hunt. Senior SPARKs on the other hand are guiding these young minds and taking care of monthly publications. Dynamic duo Andrea Seccafien and Samantha Beattie have had their dairy articles published in The Milk Producer. Samantha took on the research section in the May edition with an article highlighting Dr. Nathalie Newby’s research revealing that mechanical brushes may benefit cows during late pregnancy. Read the full article here. In the June issue, Andrea Seccafien’s article highlighting doctoral candidate Clemence Nash and professors Derek Haley and David Kelton’s research which assessed welfare practices of dairy farms across Canada to provide a benchmark of current cow management and housing practices. This prompted industry members to be proactive about cow comfort and producers want to improve the level of care and handling. Get the full story here. Andrea also had an article featured in the Guelph Mercury. Two microbiologists, George Van der Merwe and Annette Nassuth are collaborating with domestic wine industry officials on a multi-faceted project to help Canadian producers overcome production challenges and widen their production lines. Take it all in here.

Van der Merwe and Nassuth  are working to bring greater economic gains to the Canadian wine industry.

Van der Merwe and Nassuth are working to bring greater economic gains to the Canadian wine industry.

On the cattle side of things, Megan Cowie wrote an article for Ontario Cattlemen’s Association about dangerous pathogens that may be spread by wildlife. Profs. David Pearl and Claire Jardine are taking part in an international study to investigate the spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in wildlife. In particular, they are investigating measures that farmers can take to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance among farms. Pick up the May issue of Ontario Cattlemen’s Association for the full story.


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