SPARK Writers

India Annamanthadoo

HaIndia Annamanthadooiling from the bustling streets of downtown Toronto, India Annamanthadoo is a second-year student in the Microbiology program. Through her involvement in SPARK, she h
opes to showcase the unparalleled collection of knowledge and expertise at the University of Guelph. Although she is unsure of specific career plans at this point, she does know that she would like to achieve world domination by the tender age of 35. Her other pursuits include engaging in political and environmental issues and spending time with her little brother.

Alaina Osborne

alainaSecond year Studio Art major Alaina Osborne began writing stories before she even knew how to write — as a three year old, she would dictate the words to her older sister and draw the accompanying illustrations herself. Now, at SPARK, Alaina enjoys writing about cutting-edge research from the University of Guelph. She still loves adding visuals to these articles with photography. Outside the office, Alaina can be found in dance class, listening to awesome sauce music or making art.


Maritza Vatta

Maritza VattaMaritza Vatta, a Toronto native, is in her third year of Biochemistry. She is enthusiastic in using and expanding her knowledge of science by writing about the vast research being conducted at the University of Guelph. In case of a zombie apocalypse, Maritza watches The Walking Dead to improve her survival skills and she is even in the process of making her own zombie survival kit. When she isn’t thinking about the world coming to an end, she enjoys Zumba classes and travelling with her family to Europe and the Caribbean.


Rebecca Wilson

Becky WilsonJoining the SPARK team this fall is Rebecca Wilson, a fourth-year Finance and Economics student, originally from Hamilton, Ontario. With a thirst for knowledge and desire to learn, Rebecca is excited to discover all about the research currently being done at the University, and have the opportunity to write about it! A self-proclaimed coffee addict, Rebecca’s other passions include reading, sports, photography and traveling.


Alexandra Sawatzky

AlexandraNew to SPARK this summer is Alexandra Sawatzky, a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts and Sciences student originally from Kitchener, Ontario. Alexandra’s passion for exploring issues from various perspectives stems from the interdisciplinary nature of her studies in the fields of nutrition and international development. With SPARK, she hopes to exemplify the innovative research environment at Guelph with the intention of inspiring further dialogue and collaboration between disciplines. Aside from striving towards personal bests in distance running and crossword completion, Alexandra spends her free time expressing her creative side through all things art.

Updated: May 2014


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