First of SPARK Research Magazine articles hits today’s issue of Guelph Mercury

How can Bob Geldof claim that he doesn’t like Mondays when the very first of SPARK’s Research Magazine articles has just appeared today on the Guelph’s Mercury’s front page. Had he only  has the privilage of taking in Carol’s Moore’s latest article, his outlook might have been forever changed.

Carol interviewed Guelph engineering professor Robert Dony, who is combining computer chip technology and computational intelligence to develop improved hearing aids, which are able to intelligently filter out excess background noise and focus in on what the listener is trying to hear.

Research initiatives such as this are bound to have the millions of Canadian hearing aid users perking up with interest. But of course, a short blog posting hardly does this article justice. In order to reap its full SPARKiliciousness, you may just have to head on over to the Mercury’s website to read the full text version.

In summary: Huzzah! Rejoice, dear readers, for this marks the beginning of a new batch of Research Magazine articles. In other words, papa’s got a brand new bag.


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